Norah Al-Anbar's Photos

Rosewood Corniche, before and during Earth Hour.


Photos by Norah Al-Anbar

Mowaffag Sami's Photos

Al-Wada'a Restaurant, Corniche


Sheraton Jeddah, Corniche [Lights on]

Sheraton Jeddah, Corniche [Lights off]


Rosewood Corniche [Lights off]

Rosewood Cornich [Lights on]


Al-Baik, Corniche


NCB Head Office, Al-Balad


SABB, Malik Road [as they were turning their lights on]


SABB [Lights on]

Photos by Mowaffag Sami

"We thought they would turn the fountain off, but they didn't. Park Hyatt was off, and so was Intercontinental Jeddah."

Sara Grace Video of TGIF

Sara Grace's Photos

Fridays before Earth Hour

They turned off all their signs and spotlights

They dimmed their lights and turned off other lights.

Faisal Rifai's Photos

Around the neighborhood

Playing Monopoly during Earth Hour

Happy Earth Hour!!

Helmy's Hotel Shot

The Sheraton Hotel completely shut off all it's non essential lights

Helmy's Earth Hour

Il Villagio Restaurants and Lounge on Andalus Street
with most of it's lights on

The main entrance during Earth Hour

One of the Eating Halls

Customers enjoying their meal during Earth Hour

Lovely ladies, who were more than happy to be part of this photo

Everyone enjoying their time and the lovely weather up on the terrace.

Strategically places candles and torches everywhere.

It was nice to see everyone here enthusiastic about Earth Hour.

Yusuf Germino

Videos posted by Yusuf Germino


TGIFridays during Earth Hour

They turned off their signs and outdoor lighting,
they also dimmed down all the lights inside.

Our New Mascot!

I started to have my own Earth Hour at home

And then I had a little visitor...

She was so nosy that she nearly got too close to the flame!

Then, I decided to make her our Earth Hour mascot "heart"

Sharifa's Photos

Al-Baik before Earth Hour, just when they were calling for Isha Prayer.

One of the several posters of Earth Hour they had all over the shop.

Al-Baik during Earth Hour

Customers eating Albaik during Earth Hour, they turned off the lights of the main lobby and the signs.

Salman Amer

Photo by Salman Amer

Hot Waves

Hot Waves Burgers turned off their lights, too! Click here to know more about them!

Photos from Sarry Shaaban


Photos by Sumaya