Earth Hour Jeddah SUCCESS

We did it, Jeddah!

This has been an overwhelming and learning experience. We are thankful for many, many things. We thank each and every person who supported this event everywhere in the world, and especially here in Jeddah and the rest of Saudi Arabia. We thank all the businesses who took that first step. We thank all of you who weren't afraid to take responsibility, to help raise awareness.

We thank the volunteer photographers who went around the city to take photos, and those who have emailed us and sent us pictures and videos. We will be posting them.

We thank our friends, families and co-workers who supported this cause, whether or not they believed in it.


We thank everyone who started discussions and debates on the topic. We thank every person who doubted the cause and its effectiveness. We thank the naysayers and everyone who was negative about it, and those who have no hope for earth or humankind and their ability to change. We thank everyone who didn't know about it, or didn't understand it.

Without them, we wouldn't be discussing this now.

And that's what this was all about.

To start talking about it. To start questioning things.

Whether or not you turned off your lights on Earth Hour, we thank you.

The real work starts now. What was Earth Hour all about?

Send us your reactions, rants, raves, blog entries, pictures, comments. We want the discussion to continue here.

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  1. Well done girls! This was our little piece of Earth Hour: